Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces (2014) Co-Producer ‘Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist.’ A free event celebrating arts and science helped programmed by the community. Based on Joan Littlewood and Cedric Price’s idea, the event is designed to involve the community in celebrating local creativity and culture. The event was held in the Watershed, or the Mothershed as … [Read more...]

Lost For Words

Lost For Words (2014) Creator/Producer Designed to lure the audience into a false sense of security, lost for words will challenge how the player thinks and feels. Join in on a game that takes our understanding of this modernistic world we live in and confronts its motives. The game is set in the here and … [Read more...]

Visit Malice

Malice-Upon-Woe (2014) Producer/Collaborator An interactive project. Come visit Malice, stay a while. Explore the village and see if you can explain what has happened through a series of photographs, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, drawings and diary entries. Visit Malice Website